Despite the flourish that has been in the betting industry, Covid 19 came with a negative impact on the country. That is not only in Tanzania but across the entire world. The suspension is various sporting events in the country have not been favorable in any way not only to punters but also to betting operators.

A lot of people expect to see what the future of gambling holds. Will this industry recover faster than other sectors? We specifically look at the case of betting in Tanzania and how the betting industry will look like after the pandemic.

In Africa, the approach to gambling is so diverse. Some countries prohibit both live and online gambling. There are others whose legislation is so unclear where any activity around gambling is illegal, but you won’t find any action taken against who participates in it.

The scenario is different in Tanzania. You can consider it in a list of the progressive nations in the continent. In Tanzania, online gambling became legal in 1999. It was through an adjustment of the Gaming Control Act.

When a country allows betting activities, it comes up with a regulatory body that is in charge of all gambling operations. That is from the brick and mortar casinos and betting outlets to the online sportsbooks and online casinos.


The status of the betting industry in Tanzania

The Gaming Board of Tanzania is the regulatory authority in this country. It has been the body overseeing several operations in gambling since its establishment in 2003. It issues licenses to sportsbooks and casinos. Besides, it ensures that licenced operators comply with the stringent requirements on the matters of fairness, security and safety of bettors’ personal information and funds.

Although GBT is efficient in its operations, it’s recommendable that players consider sports betting sites with European licenses. Regulatory bodies in Gibraltar, UK, Isle of Man and Malta are highly regarded on matters regulation of online gambling.

European licensed sites are safer for Tanzanian bettors than locally licensed ones. Moreover, most of the famous sports betting sites with Europe licenses accept the players from this country.

Popular Sports

Football is the most popular sport among gamblers in Tanzania. It is a similar case in most of the countries in Africa. Tanzania Mainland Premier League is a professional soccer league in the country.

Soccer fanatics can place a stake on domestic games involving major teams in the country such as Kagera Sugar and Azam FC.

Besides, online sports betting sites in the country also allow bettors to stake on major football leagues across the world. Examples include the popular English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A.

The most preferred among bettors is the Champions League. Besides, they find amazing opportunities in international contests such as the Africa Cup of Nations, Euros and World Cup.

Top betting sites in the country, including Sportpesa, Mkekabet, Mbet, Gal Sport Betting (GSB) and 1xBet provide numerous gambling markets for every completion. Taking soccer as an example, you can stake in the winning team, first score, number of corners and other alternative markets. Interestingly, you can also stake on the number of booking for a particular game.

Other than football, cricket is also popular in the country. However, the Tanzanian national cricket team doe not hold a very successful record so far. It ranks at number 44 in the world. Nonetheless, Tanzanians punters follow the matches keenly and stakes on the games.

College basketball is dominant in the country. There are sports betting sites that allow bettors to stake on popular basketball matches in the world. Besides, boxing is also popular, and markets are available at all times for major contests in the world. East Africa is known for successful runners. You can bet top sporting events such as the Olympics.

Expect more energy amongst the bookmakers

Most of the industries are likely to go easy on things such as promotions and advertising. However, the betting sector is likely to do things on the contrary. There are many sporting events scheduled within the next short period. The country is on the record for not having taken measures such as lockdowns and curfews.

It means that everything has been operating almost like before compared to other countries that imposed stringent restrictions since the pandemic struck. Although there was the suspension of sporting events in the country, it did not take long. The only impact is that some of the international matches took long before they could resume. As soon as they are back in full force, expect a tangible positive impact in the country’s sports betting scene.

It means that sports betting sites will commit to ensuring that they are outstanding in the midst of the competition. They will try to encourage existing clients to place their stakes. Besides, they will be on a hunting mission for new sign-ups.

Beginners have an advantage because there is a likelihood of lucrative welcome offers. It is a perfect tactic of luring new sign-ups to a sports betting site. Although the welcome bonuses have always been there, it should not come as a surprise to you when you see better deals in future. Punters want to wager while sportsbooks are in dire need of custom.

Likely advancements

Any other likely change would be sportsbooks trying to establish new platforms. Most Tanzanian players prefer the use of mobile phones to place their stakes. Bookmaker is aware of that, and with the competition in the industry, they can’t take chances. They have to come up with mobile applications for those who don’t offer one while those that have tries to make it even more efficient. The future calls for the use of fine technology in the gambling industry, not only in Tanzania but also in the world.


Although the sports betting industry has suffered a major blow, the pandemic is an opportunity for it to come up quicker and stronger than other industries. The advantage is that the pandemic is slowing at a time when major leagues in the world are on their initial phase. Take, for instance, the English Premier League. As it reaches its peak in December and January 2020, the sports betting industry in the country will be on a fresh rise. Once the trajectory takes up the pace, the industry is likely to grow than ever before.