The Institute of Language and Communication Studies (ILCS) network is on the way of one of leading Research Institutes in field of social sciences researches of the world.  With around 600 members, the ISLC Network (ISLCnet) is one of the largest and the most active research groups of the language and communication studies. Being an internationally recognized network,  ILCSnet has an interdisciplinary team of researchers united in a common mission.

The research group aim to develop and transfer new methods, techniques and tools to practice in the field of Language and Communication. Much of outwork is education-centred, targeting educationalists (individuals, researchers, teachers and policy-makers) on issues of language policy, pedagogy, curriculum and assessment.

ILCSnet includes:

-      Getting to know good sources of language and communication sciences
-      Understanding and evaluating
-      Presenting research material
-      Discuss topics of personal interest to participants own research