Our Mission

The Institute of Language and Communication (ILCS)


- Provides an effective communication among individuals

- Constructs an effective cross-cultural dialogue platform as we believe that this sort of dialogue is required to create an effective interaction among different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and social dynamics.

- Creates an international communicational platform through shared sciences and cultural events, to provide societies know (realize) each other.

- Focuses on educational issues of such as language, culture, communications studies and social sections at all levels.

- Considers multiculturalism is not being a limitation but it is a richness which can be a way for students and instructors coming from various countries to discuss and share their views on common issues and eventually establishes a dialogue.

- Contributes to the development of consciousness of cultural heritage.

- Considers the diversity of members' cultures, locations and practices .
-Focuses on the decisions that will be a guide for long-term needs of members and the public, and will inform with social and political forecasts and trends.